Maintaining Nature's balance 

Forty Five GPM hydro cavitation skid

At Water Wise Systems, we maintain a knowledge base of chemical treatment technologies applied to:

  • Fats, Oils & Grease problems
  • Oil Spill Response
  • Industrial Cleaners/Degreaser
  • Asphalts Remover/Cleaner
  • Rust Remover
  • Sludge Sofener
  • Wastewater Odor Treatment
  • General purpose odor Treatment
  • Sluge Reduction Additive
  • Flocculation/Precipitaiton

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 Many industries such as Food & Beverage, Wineries, Craft Breweries, etc. have a serious problem discharging waste water having a high BOD/COD content and high TSS content.  Our novel process combines a patented hydro cavitation system with ozone and post filtration to supply clean solids as well as reuse water quality or beyond.  

This technology is now being applied to other industrial waste discharges due to the economic advantages over other technical approaches.

Reflex Reverse Osmosis

The Reflex Reverse Osmosis System is a proven process that can reduce your RO energy profile while severely reducing the amount of rejectate discharged by the system. In many industries, the payback due to these savings is rapid.

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Being Water Wise Saves Money and Sustains Our Environment

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Design Flexibility for Multiple Contaminants

Sustainable Systems requires Obtainable Systems that Use less and Waste less.

Smart Application of Technology to Industrial Water Treatment


Using a unique housing, many different filter elements can be used by themselves or in combination to solve complex water issues simply.  Suspended solids, hardness, taste and odors, chlorine, chloramines, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals fluoride, arsenic, bacteria, etc. can all be solved easily and inexpensively. 

Mechanical Filtration
Spiral wound filter elements or pleated elements and engineered carbon blocks effectively attack TSS issues.  Support high flow rates at low pressure drops with no waste water.

Charged Gradient Filtration
Remove suspended solids, bacteria, virus, tannins and iron slime due to charged pleated filter elements.  
Electro-positively charged dual gradient double pleated filtration from 30 micron to 0.2 micron.

Carbon Filtration

Activated Carbon blocks are engineered to efficiently remove chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, endocrine disruptors, heavy metals while improving the odor and taste of water.  More micropores compared to other carbons increases capacity saving on operating costs.  

Sorbent Cartridge Insert

​A polyethylene constructed media bottle allows the incorporation of different medias to be used in our unique housing.  Medias include ion exchange, catalysts, carbon, sand, sorbents, etc.  This capability extends the treatment capability to a wide array of issues in a simple to use array.

The range of contaminants that can be addressed in this array are vast.  Any configuration from lead/lag to parallel flows to combinations of both can be easily connected together and address not only a large assortment of contaminants but also handle flow rates from 10-150 gallons per minute.

Maximize Performance Flexibility - Minimize Cost

We are able to supply a complete array of products built on a modular platform that reduce costs, allows for easy expansion, provides a "NO TOOLS REQUIRED" replacement set of elements while eliminating waste water.

We also offer a unique array of chemical cleaners, soil accelerators and fat, oil and grease removal that are engineered using a highly proprietary technique. Our technologies use either "molecular caging" or are built on a backbone of leave extracts, that are totally biodegradable. We have several EPA approvals that ensure you are using good performing "Green" technology.

Let us introduce you to the World's most attractive Reverse Osmosis system available.  Save on energy costs by 30-35% while reducing rejectate by over 90%.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Systems

Solve Multiple Issues Using Unique Housing

Chemical Additives Can Solve Many Industrial Water Woes 

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At Water Wise BioChemicals, we are committed to apply the right technology to industrial and commercial water and soil treatment issues.  Often, treatment systems become so complex they can be expensive to acquire, difficult to maintain and cause business disruptions.  We understand that water and soil  is:

  • essential to the business enterprise
  • more difficult to source
  • more difficult to discharge
  • more expensive to acquire and to discharge
  • recyclable  
  • essential to the nitrogen cycle and the nature's balance

We have the expertise and experience to solve water problems and supply a cost effective, manageable, simplified and sustainable solution to your enterprise.

Water Wise BioChemical


Water Wise BioChemical's staff is made up of professionals that have extensive resumes in  treatment and business operations. 

Treatment technologies used in water treatment can be very cumbersome to select given the experience needed to select from a vast array of options including Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Filtration, Micro Filtration, Ion Exchange, Flocculation, Nano Filtration, Evaporation, Vapor Compression Distillation, etc.

All water water treatment systems need periodic service. We use automated reminders to assist you to ensure maintenance is done on time to save you time and money. On board controls on many systems upload key data for performance tracking.  

Water Wise BioChemical is a veteran owned business and is comprised of industry experts that have over a century of experience sourcing, treating and managing water and soil.  We are experienced with regulations that govern water and are connected to Federal, State and local authorities.

Our mission is to simplify treatment for your organization by using technologies that maintain nature's balance.  Our belief is that  treatment systems need to be designed to be successfully run by organizations whose primary function is not treatment.  

About Us

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Water Wise provides solutions to many industries that have made it easy for them to comply with regulations, obtain higher quality water, discharge less waste water, lower capital and operating costs as well as simplify their treatment needs.